The project

The idea

We are in constant movement. So is the world, and indeed, so is our knowledge about ourselves and the world. This is why we think it is crucial to prepare the new generation for a life where travelling is not only a means of transportation, but a way of being, a way of learning. To prepare them for a life where it is acknowledged that being on the road (Jack Kerouac) does not only lead to new places in the world, but it also leads to new places in ourselves. Where being open to otherness comes naturally, regardless if we find the otherness in cultures, worldviews, habits, rituals, genders, religions, or in ourselves.

The objectives

The main objective of our project is to develop innovative educational materials that supports the vision above.
These will prepare youth educators for putting personal development in focus in their work, and teenagers for mobility, to experience their European identity and to feel free yet safe far away from home and from their parents.
By focusing on developing competences such as resilience, authenticity, acceptance, problem solving skills, open and nonviolent communication, we hope teenagers would begin to see problems as challenges, difficulties as opportunities to learn, and conflicts as possibilities to gain understanding about themselves and the others. We would like to contribute to this shift in attitude.

The outcomes

    • A Complex Curriculum built up as a traditional school curriculum, but with different learning goals, transfarable to all sorts of settings where young people act as participants.
    • A Methodology Handbook for educators providing the theoretical background of our approach and collecting practices, exercises and games.
    • A Training Plan for educators that includes: a) the development of a modular trainer curriculum, b) pilot trainings amongst the partner organisations and c) follow up online support
    • An online learning environment for teenagers for developing social and communication competences in gamified ways via videos, tests and online games, offering also a range of methodologies on how a trip of any kind can be turned into a learning process where the environment provides the subjects to learn about.